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TX750 Immediately shuts off after turning on


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I just purchased all brand new parts for a new rig. System specs in my profile.


I can boot the machine, and it will immediately turn off. Fans will spin, LED's will turn on then go right off. I don't know if this will help diagnose the problem but all 6 of the Phase LEDs on my motherboard turn on then off with it. I am trying to rule out if this could be my PSU before I RMA anything.


Thank You

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The jumper was not on the clr_cmos spot. I put it on and when booting, nothing happens. When I took it back off, it still turned on, then immediately back off.


I did try turning on the PC with another power supply the other day (before messing with the CMOS) and got the same results. I now believe it is the motherboard. Any other help you could give would be appreciated.

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Does the system post or just turns off when you press the power button.


remove one ram stick and see if it posts. if it doesn't then try the other one.

have you checked the video card? try it on another system.

have you tried the CPU on an another motherboard (best to go to your local computer shop.

Replace the CMOS battery?

Also did you test your power supply as Synthohol stated?


you should take these steps before confirming your Motherboard is dead.

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