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CMZ8Gx3M2A1600C8 causing crashes, blue screens & failed mem test


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I recently built a new rig. It worked fine except that at first it would, while playing a variety of games (NWN 2, Fallout 3, Dragon Age origins, Warlords Battle cry 3, Shogun 2) crash to the desktop with the window message that "this program stopped responding." Then I also received a couple of blue screen errors. I then changed the memory settings in bios, manually, to those specified on the package: 8-8-8-24 & 1600 Mhz (it had originally been set at my ASUS motherboard's default settings). The crashing abated for a while, but then returned. The crashes might happen several in succesion, or they might be spaced twenty or thirty minutes or even a couple hours a part. I've also had less blue screen errors since then, but still a few (maybe once a week). I ran memtest on the system, and got 8 errors over the course of a four hour run. Any suggestions?
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