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Will Will memory run fine with fan speed reduced


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Sorry i couldn't find a matching forum for my post.


I have the corsair denominator memory which comes with a cooling fan

(Your Part Number TwinX 4GB TWIN2X4096-8500C5DF)

It is also available without a fan as well.


Anyway, The problem is that this cooling fan which comprises of three 4cm fans runs at 6000 rpm at makes a high pitch noise. It is currently connected to the 3 pin (fixed speed case fan connector on my MB).

Now my gigabyte motherboard has another fan connector which can vary the speed of the fan by varying the voltage (voltage speed control) where the speed is dependant on the temperature of the North Bridge (The interface between cpu and ram, graphics). Thus i was wondering if i could plug the denominator fan to this speed controlled connector which would run the fan at a much reduced speed when the north bridge temperature is low and increase the speed as the temperature of the north bridge increases. The north bridge is about 2 or 3 cm away from the memory slots.

I am assuming that when the memory gets warm the north bridge would also get warm as it provides the interface to the memory and graphics, hence providing maximum cooling when the memory is hot.


I need your advise as to whether this is safe to do with regards to the memory. I do not want to over heat the memory or cause any damage to it.

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