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TX650W misbehaving during boot


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Alright, I have to admit this one has me stumped.


I recently upgraded my PSU to a Corsair TX650 to handle a slight undervolt problem with my old PSU. It has, however, decided to be decidedly weird on me.


During POST, right after memory and IDE probe, when the SATA BIOS is supposed to take over and probe harddrives, the PSU shuts down, and then starts booting again. This happens at the exact same time, every time. Unless I hit F12 to enter the boot menu, in which case it does its probing, and then boots normally.


I switched back to the old PSU to make sure it wasn't a problem with the motherboard that developed during the switch of the PSUs, and the old PSU does not exhibit this behavior. Switched back to the new one, and the same problem reoccurs.


Things I've checked:

1) Reboot and power switch wires are whole, connected and not shorted anywhere. Buttons working perfectly.

2) No other shorts or overloads, same problem occurs with minimal hardware connected (1 disk, GPU, motherboard power connectors)


I just don't get it, there's no reason I can see why it should power cycle in the exact same spot time and time again. Anyone run into similar problems to this before?

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