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AM3+ motherboard DDR1600 choices


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The new AMD AM3+ motherboards have DDR1600 support and I am trying to find the best options for memory (specifically 2x4GB). The Corsair configurator has not been updated yet for new boards such as the ASUS M5A9** series.

The ASUS QVL lists modules from both the Vengeance and XMS ranges.

Do Corsair advise any preference and at what voltage? Thanks.

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  • Corsair Employees

The CPU you use will determine the Memory that is supported and at this time all Phenom CPU's only support DDR1333, they will normally over clock and run the memory at DDR1600 but it is an over clock.

And I would try the settings and Voltage that will be printed on the label of the modules when you get them.

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