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F120 Slow Read Performance


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I bought a ssd yesterday. I followed the installation instructions with parted magic (secure erase), and activated ahci mode on bios.


I tested with ATTO,but reading speed is lower than writing speed.Is this nomal?


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I would say it is not normal to have write speed faster than read speed, but your numbers are all not that bad and within advertised speeds so there is nothing to be concerned about imo.


This guy also have same ssd,according to his results, always read speed is higher than write speed.




Also other users have same results...

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In his scenario however his write speed was well below specifications, also he was using a laptop.


Your read speed is only slightly less than the write speed and it is very close to advertised specification.


Thank you for your post.


I searced about G31, ICH7 doesn't support ahci,so i was wrong enabling ahci.

I think this is caused the slow reading speed.That's my fault.


Also I used my ssd with laptop .(Lenovo G550, T6600 2.1 Ghz with 3 gb ram)

It has ahci support and I did secure erase,fresh install,activating ahci mode with regedit and bios and tested with atto.


Result is same with sapox's first results.




He suggested changing balanced mode to performance mode,that is working.I tried but nothing has changed.


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Thank You @Synbios


I tested with p67 based Motherboard and sandy bridge cpu.I think it seems great.


Yes those are perfect benchmarks for this drive, this shows that often times the controller/motherboard can be at fault when the drive seems to be slower than advertised.

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