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750TX clicking and other noises


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I haven't completely narrowed it down to the PSU, but it certainly sounds like it's coming from that area. The sound is clearly audible when I open xSplit stream broadcaster. Not when I actually begin streaming and eating up clock cycles, but when the program is first opened.


It sounds more like the sound a locking button makes when it pressed down and then pressed again to release, so two clicky press-depress sounds in quick succession. Kinda like what an old school turbo button would do...


I thought at first it was the video card, as I only heard noises when running video-intensive software, but after googling and reading these forms I am beginning to lean toward the PSU.


I really just want to know if it's safe, or anything to be worried about... I just put this rig together recently and don't want to overclock and add to the stock voltage on a faulty PSU.

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