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CX500 Whining sound when powered down


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Hey everyone and thanks for having me.


I've recently done a new build, and I chose Corsair wherever I could because of my past good experiences with the products.


My problem is as follows:

When I power down the rig, there's a high pitched sound coming from the PSU, and the only way to get rid of it is either turn off the PSU, and the sound will gradually lower in pitch until it disappears (all remaining current drained out of the PSU?), or turning the rig ON.


The weird thing is, after turning off the PSU via the back on/off button, and turning it back on (without powering up the rig, just the PSU), the sound is not present anymore. That allowed me to narrow it down to just the PSU. Could it be possible that one (or more ) of the capacitors would make the sound because it has electric current stored and the PSU is not on?


So the PSU makes the sound only when powered down. Not when running, not in load.



Do you guys think this would be a warranty case? Just asking because warranty service where I bought the product (country in Europe) is NOT that user friendly/flexible and would like to know if i HAVE to send it back or is something hardware related or something I'll have to live with.

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