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Is 1.65v memory compatible with Sandy Bridge?


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Done some searching but can't get a definitive answer on this.


The majority of DDR3 runs at 1.65v, with only the larger and more expensive stuff running at 1.5v.


Is 1.65v acceptable for Sandy Bridge platforms or not? What specs I've found seem to suggest that this is the absolute upper limit for memory voltage but that, providing you don't go over 1.65v, you'll be fine.


I do notice, however, that on the Corsair site, the specs for the 1.5v Vengeance memory specifically state:


1.5V VDIMM spec ensures compatibility with 2nd generation (Sandy Bridge) Intel Core processor family


This seems to suggest that only 1.5v is compatible with Sandy Bridge and 1.65v is not.


If I could get some clarification on this I'd be most grateful.

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There's quite a bit of discussion about this over on the Overclockers UK forums today.


They've been in touch with Intel directly, who've said that 1.5v is recommended but up to 1.65v "should" be ok. Not exactly confidence inspiring response I have to say.

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