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  1. So I bought a K70 Mk.2 a couple of years ago and it's been nothing but trouble. From the outset, the CUE software was a disaster and just crashes my machine so I gave up any hope of using that). The keyboard also feels nowhere near as solid as a far older Ducky I have at work and just feels 'rattley' by comparison. Over the last year or so I've started getting issues with repeated keystroke or 'bounce' as I believe it's called. Now, my spacebar has started 'jamming', where one side of it sticks down and it becomes unresponsive. Taking it off, it looks like the two side 'post' things or dummy switches or whatever they're called have dropped down. I can lift them up with a finger nail but then they just drop down. Should these be up and spring loaded like an actual key switch? Any way of repairing them if so? I used to be a devoted Corsair fan and have bought a lot of their kit over the years but I'm done now and will never buy this cheap rubbish again.
  2. Since building a new machine I'm having a very strange problem with iCUE. It works fine most of the time but, every now and then, the system becomes kind of gradually unresponsive. I first notice I can't click on anything, then keyboard input stops working. The machine is still running but the keyboard is dead and, whilst I have a mouse cursor, clicking anywhere does nothing. At this point I have to reach for the reset switch. It's almost like the software is disrupting USB connectivity on the motherboard or something. If I disable iCUE then this never happens so it's clearly the culprit. It's a Z490 board in a Crystal 680X case. Other relevant Corsair bits are the K70 RGB Mk2 keyboard and HX750i PSU, both of which are connected in iCUE alonside the Lighting Node Pro that comes with the case. As it stands I can't use iCUE as this problem keeps recurring so I have to make do without any custom lighting effects. Anyone had anything similar to this?
  3. Does anyone have any info or pics of an XD5 res mounted in the rear compartment of a 680X? The "top front" of this compartment appears to be the perfect place for it but I'm unclear on whether and how it can be mounted here with the supplied brackets? If anyone has done this can you explain exactly how? Many thanks.
  4. Thanks but, like everywhere that lists the older Type 3 cables, they seem to be permanently out of stock, as if they're not actually produced anymore.
  5. Hi all, I have a HX750i and am looking at getting some replacement braided cables for it for a new build. Alas it seems that all the sets you can buy are now Type 4 whereas my PSU came with Type 3 ones. Looking into the differences, it seems all but the ATX cable are totally compatible, the Type 4 just adding some capacitors to smooth the supply. The issue is the ATX cable. I understand this has an additional four pins on the PSU end for "sensing", thus rendering it incompatible. Can I no longer buy a Type 3 ATX cable then?
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