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HS1 : atroucious Sound And Noise


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hi everybody,


i bought the HS1 recently, i followed the instruction for use the HS1 but after install the driver and reboot... the sound is atroucious, distortion, white noise...


I uninstalled and installed 3 times but always the same issue.


I downloaded the driver and installed them, but no change.


I tryed to use it with my soundcard disabled but always no change.


I'm on Laptop PC with windows 7 64 bits.


If someone can help me...



(i'm sorry if my english burn your eyes :) )

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Hello BigOne,

thanks for the answer.


When monitoring is off, the white noise disappear but the sound is always atroucious.


I don't know what can I do. I tryed all options but no change...


I don't understand... my other headphones don't have any problem.

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I dont know Mayu, I use windows 7 x64 aswell without does problems. Is the bad sound in videos and music? have you tryed the sound in games? it could be some bad codecs you have downloaded earlyer trying to make your sound "better" but only making it worse.
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