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CSSD-F160GBP2 no partitions after full power cycle


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I have two of these drives, one is the system and one is just additional storage. The system drive has given me no trouble whatsoever for several months now. However, the general storage drive has occasionally lost its partitions. Now it seems that it loses its partitions on every cold boot.


I searched through the forums and decided to use a parted magic 5.8 bootable usb stick to secure erase the drive (worked as expected but had to "hot plug" the drive to take it out of frozen mode).


I then booted into windows (no partitions created yet). I updated the firmware to 2.0 first on the system drive (which caused a BSOD restart upon completion but all seemed fine after the BSOD restart -> hardware installation messages - restart again). I then updated the firmware on the yet to be partitioned second drive and restarted yet again.


After restarting I made a new partition with win7-64 bit disk management, formatted as NTFS with 32k clusters, and copied a few large files to it from my system drive.


I then shut down the machine for about 10 minutes or so and booted cold. No dice. Win7 isn't recognizing any partitions being present on the drive after the cold boot.


Any suggestions?



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I secure erased the drive again in parted magic and used the partition editor within the parted magic linux boot to create an MBR and create an NTFS formatted partition instead of letting windows do it.


It seems to be working now. Hopefully this is the end of my troubles as these drives will soon be placed in a new machine. I'll report back with any changes.

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