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500CX Issue with Boot


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Hey guys, i'm new here, so i'd like to say hey and thanks in advance for any help you could possibly offer.


I bought a load of new computer parts to build myself a new computer. The specs are in my info.


After putting all the parts together, I tried to boot, but the fans would only turn for half a second and then restart the whole process again, looping over and over. No display. It's like the computer is struggling to get enough power.


I then decided to remove the TWO PCI-E connectors from the graphics card to see if it gives the computer a bit more power to play with. When i did this, the motherboard was able to light up. System fan, graphics card fan and all hardware came on EXCEPT the CPU fan. The strange thing is, I nudged the CPU fan with a screwdriver to see if it would kick into life and it did. What the hell?


So what is going on here? Any ideas? The CPU fan only spins normally if it gets a nudge from me, but only when the two PCI-E connectors to the video card are taken OUT. If the video card is plugged in, it seems like all the power is being taken from the computer.


I don't think this should be an issue really, as a 500w power supply should be plenty to power a core i5 and GTX460.


Thanks for any help guys, I really am lost here and need to know what is wrong.

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  • Corsair Employee
The PSU definitely seems like its the most likely component that is causing the problems, but the only way to know for sure would be to test it in a different system and see if you can duplicate the same issues. If it looks like the PSU is causing the problems then please Request an RMA.
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