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Is my PSU partially defective? (HX1000)


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I have noticed an oddity with my PSU that's been bugging me for a while now.



As I understand it, this PSU is basically two 500w PSUs sandwiched together. The "rail" distribution diagram is here:




The official advice is to always install your secondary video card's 6-pin connectors to 12V2. That seems to make sense, since 12V1 is already used by the motherboard, the CPU, and 75w from each video card through the PCI-E slots. So putting the 6-pin connector on 12V2 helps balance things out (and the prewired 6-pins are already 12V2).


However, my PSU trips when I run my two highly overclocked GTX 470s on 12V2. This does *not* happen when I switch one GPU to 12V1.


While that's nice, it seems like my 12V2--aka the second mini-PSU within the unit--is partially defective. Relying on the 12V1 obviously forces me to be more conservative with my CPU OC, since it is now sharing more power than is recommended.


My system:


2xGTX 470s at 1.12v and 825mhz

i5 at 3.8ghz and 1.375v


Does my theory about this make sense? Should I RMA the unit?

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