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help with CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9


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I recently purcahed a corsair 2x4gb vengeance. my mother board is MSI 790GX-G65 that has a 1333mhz native DDR3. the corsair runs in a 1600 CL9.


as you can see the picture below

im kinda confused.

aint it suppose to be 1600 CL9?

why is it running at 9-11-11-29

aint it suppose to be 9-9-9-24 like the box said?

or i still need to set it on the board?


BTW, used bios V4.1 and v4.2


1333 vs 1600




SPD 1333


SPD 1600


3D max in high settings


800 CL6


1333 CL9-9-9-24


1600 CL9-11-11-29




really makes no sense why my instead of my scores go up, it went down :)


please help

thank you.

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guess i cant return the item now since i really dont know what happened here. ~_~


now i have 12hrs of knowing if my ram is defective for a straight warranty

or after 12hrs i need this this ship back to corsair. which is alot of hassle :)


i just bought the newest line in corsairs product CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9. and no ones helping. i even emailed. ive been to my motherboards tech support also.


ever since ive seen corsair, ive always said that this is the best ram anyone can buy. guess not :)


ohh well, im stuck with a Corsair Vengeance with no solid answer. i cant blame my motherboard, cant blame the memory, and i cant blame the CPU.

i have the newest line in corsairs product that slows down my system when i raise the ram frequency that it was tested for.

that really is something

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had a reply from the corsair tech support. will go to the shop i got the ram and have them check it in another system. if it still runs in 1600CL9-11-11-29. its the ram. other wise. its my memory controller. dont know how in the world to test my memory controller. so far, i had 2 BSOD, per my dump file logs. and im trying to check what was the error. if its a memory thing. ohh noh!


ohh well, i almost fell in love with this new ram :(

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so this is what it should look like when you have a vengeance, and set it to 1600CL9-9-9-24.

i guess setting everything in [auto] will not work. :)






went to the shop i got the ram. they also said that it was a shock to hear my story. good thing they have all the parts i have. and guess what?

they did the upped the ram frequency to 1600, they had the same thing i did. 1600MHZ in CL9-11-11-29


they opened 4 modules of 8gb vengeance. 5 motherboards, 6 processors and various video cards. good thing it was a big shop and most of the customers there wanted to participate.

FYI: the parts they opened was taken from the shelf, meaning they will not sell it since the parts are open. just to prove the fact that what you read in reviews. aint worth anything.

and you guest it right! none of the parts they opened and the customer's PCs made the 1600MHz CL9-9-9-24.

and this customers are RMAing their stuffs and wanted to check out the NEW corsair on the block. the one that had a 10/10 rating. aint so 10/10 in real life.


i wish there will be a time when reviews are actual reviews. i went up to 5GHZ!!! blah blah blah!


sorry if im ranting, but it was the 1st corsair that i had and ive always thought that, if its RAM. its corsair. you proved me wrong :)

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yeah, we did

that was the only time the ram performed well

they had a board just like mine

MSI 790GX-GD65, it OCs at 1600.

we also opened 4 8GB vengeance just to make sure that it did ran at 1600CL9-11-11-29. not 9-9-9-24. then we opened a gigabyte board, some asus and a whole bunch of other boards and processors.

not only did the items from the shop was used, even the customers who came in to have their PCs fixed. volunteered to test the ram.


none of them had made the RAM go 1600CL9-9-9-24. on my MSI board it ran 1600CL9-11-11-29, we did a couple of passes in memtest. but, even tough it passed, performance and benchmarks anit so pretty.


our verdict!

its not a ram to use in [AUTO]. you really have to burn everything just to make it work.

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