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TX750W grinding fan noise as it gets hotter.


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Edit: Correction on the PSU, it's the TX850w, not the TX750.


Hi folks,


I've been using the TX850W for about 1.5 years with a GTX 275, E8400 setup.


I just bought a GTX 580 (installed it yesterday) and have been doing benchmarks, testing games since then (about 14 hours total).


I've noticed that whenever my video card is being used intensively for some time, a grinding noise would come out of my case. I always thought it was the video card's fan (it also happened on the GTX 275 although much more rarely).


I then realized that if I forced the video card's fan back to say 40% *while* I was hearing this grinding noise, the noise kept going... so it's not the video card's fan.


After opening the case, and putting my hear near parts to find out were the sound was coming from, it *seems* to come from the PSU (TX750W).


Before I ask my questions, I'd like to point out that the fan sounds normal (actually, my setup is very quiet and I rarely hear any fans out of the case). So that means that the TX750W fan is also quiet at normal speed (I figure that it always runs, just at lower speeds when it's lukewarm).


I'm having a hard time figuring out what would make a fan rotating at normal speeds make no sounds (or normal fan noise), while increased speed makes it sound like a grinder... (sounds like a rumbling sound.. as if a bearing was skipping or ... something.. I'm no expert on fans ).


Q1) Is there a way for me to try to fix this without a RMA? I can't imagine myself without a PSU for a few days or a week :).


Will opening the PSU to check the fan(s), apply DW40 or something void the warranty? (I always thought there were 2 fans on that PSU -- can't recall for sure atm).


Note that I always was able to (and still am) reproduce this sound. Also, this sounds has been heard with 2 different cases, 2 different CPU coolers, AND 2 different video cards. The only common points I have here are the motherboard, PSU and some HDs).


I think I've explained this as best as I can at the moment (forgive the English grammar/spelling since it's not my first language).


Thanks in advance for any help...





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Sounds like the PSU is too loud, lets get it replaced!


Request an RMA


I would not recommend opening it and fixing it yourself, because if something happens it will not be covered under the warranty. It's probably best just to get it replaced. Once you get the RMA number please contact our customer service at 888-222-4346 and dial "0", (510) 657-8747 or email rmaservice@corsairmemory.com if you would like to see what alternative shipping options may be available for the RMA.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Thank you very much for the reply Ram Guy...


I figured you were all on vacations and decided to check after the new Year. Guess I should have looked a bit more often :) .


I'll check out the link you provided and follow the rest of your instructions.


Thanks again,






P.S. Have a good one everyone (year 2011)! :)

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