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600T case fans are PWM?


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Hi denydog, the fans are three pin and the controller has two pin connectors. I've been doing some troubleshooting as the cpu (Q9550) at 3.62Ghz is running around 50 degrees idle and spiking to 75 degrees while gaming and the averaging temps in the mid to high 60's degrees. Sometimes the game would freeze.


I finally read about pwm and now believe that the fans are not pwm fans because they do not have the 4th wire (pin), but the controller, although, having two wire leads can still be a cheap low frequency pwm controller.


I don't have an O-Scope so I'm not able to check to see if there is a square wave coming out of the fan controller pins.


I can see the LED's dim and the fans seem to slow down a bit but not by much. These fans at full speed don't seem to be able to push a lot of air, even by there size. You have no doubt that on the 900 case the 200mm fan top fan was pulling out air form the case. A single tri-color 120mm fan seems to be pushing more air than any of the fans in the 600t case. The fan, also, seems to slow down a bit and the LED dims while on the Corsair fan controller.


I changed out my 900 because the on/off switch was starting to fail. In the 900 my temps with same setup was idling around 42 degrees, spike was around 68 degrees and averaging around 54 degrees.

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naokiura, you are absolutely correct on your first point. I misspoke.


I still believe the controller is simple voltage control, but that belief is based on my deduction only, not evidence. I just don't think Corsair would use anymore complexity than required, since there is no digital input, like temperature information, into the controller. But I could be wrong.


Your temps do seem high. I guess you may be using H50, H70 cooler? I'm always curious what are the actual air temperatures inside the case when someone is trying to improve case airflow. I only have motherboard temperature info on my system, which usually reads about 29-32 C. I don't know if improving ventilation would be worth it, at least at my stock clock CPU running roughly 34 idle, 60 loaded.


Good luck.

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Thanks for the info Yellowbeard.


denydog, I'm using the CPNS 9500A as my cpu cooler. It was working great in the 900 case.



I bought this case for the great reviews of having great cable management (which it does) and for keeping hardware cool. But what I didn't realize in many of the reviews, they actually did a modification to the case.


Yup, they installed an H70. It modifies the case by replacing the stock rear exhaust fan. That means this case cost more than just the advertised price.


I've done a lot of test by placing another fan all around the inside of the case, with both side covers on and using Real Temp 3.6, I've also used Core temp with same reading (of course).


What I found was that I needed two 120mm fans to bring down temps to what the 900 case was giving me, even ingame (Bad Company 2 & Medal of Honor).


I've placed 1 fan butted up against the face plate in the optics bay and the other replaced the rear exhaust fan. I guess you could consider this a push-pull type of configuration. Also, I have switch all fans controls to manual 100 percent in my BIOS.

With 2 120mm and the 2 200mm attached to the controller on high.

After 20 minutes of idle reading. minimum 36 degrees, average 43 degrees and high 53 degrees.

After that I ran 3Dmark Vantage:

avg. about 50 degrees (this is by my highly accurate eye balls lol)

CPU Test 62 degrees (this is by my highly accurate eye balls)

Max 68 degrees (by Real temp)



One other thing, I took off the fans from the Case controller and attached it to the manual controller that came with the CPNS 9500A. The speed of the fans (by eye ball), High and Low, looks the same as the Case fan controller.


So the fans do not move a lot of air. As the 120mm that I used had more force.


Bottom line:

I do recommend this case as long as you realize that you may need to do a slight case modification, meaning at minimum replacing the rear fan.


If over-clocking will most likely need to replace several fans. But normally over-clockers replace stuff anyway. I didn't have too before, but now that this case has a heck of a lot of air movement within the case, think convection type oven ... maybe, I will be looking at the H70 ... extremely hard. Bummers for me lol, the case will now cost me another 90 bucks.

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