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F120 2.0 Firmware update switched my drives


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Computer: HP dv9000 Laptop

Northbridge: Intel i945PM

Southbridge: Intel 82801GHM/ICH07-M/U

Processor: Intel core 2 T5500 1.7GHz


Video: NVIDIA GeForce G0 7600

Memory: 2GB DDR2 PC2-5300

Primary Drive: Corsair F120

Secondary Drive: WD3200BJKT

DVD: Mat****a DVD-RAM UJ-851S



I ran the 2.0 Firmware upgrade on my HP dv9000 laptop yesterday and everything was going great until the reboot. It automatically rebooted as expected but went into the BSOD error 0x0000007. So i followed the instructions..."power off & reboot", but it went back into the same blue screen.


After another try i disconnected power (including removing the battery), rebooted and still the same thing. Next, i disconnected it for a half an hour...same thing.


I then tried the startup diagnostic that appears after the Blue Screen message, no luck there so i booted with my Windows 7 Installation DVD, again none of the diagnostics fixed anything.


The next thing I tried was running “chkdsk”, it found no errors. So i thought i would see if there was any information on my drives at all and when i ran a "DIR" command my C Drive had the folders that were originally on my D Drive, and my D Drive has the folders from my C Drive!!!


I then removed my physical D drive and the computer booted up and even gave me the message that the firmware was successfully installed.


I put the D drive back in and it went back to the same BSOD error.


Any ideas?


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Well i guess i will post my own reply in case someone has this trouble themselves...It is the Intel version AHCI driver After reinstalling my system I was doing fine with the Windows version until i loaded the iata96enu.exe file and what do you think happened? The same BSOD, luckly I was able to get to the system restore page this time and revive the last configuration. For some reason I couldn't get to it after the firmware upgrade, it just kept going in circles and coming back to the BSOD no matter what option I tried. So a word to the wise, go back to the windows version before you try the firmware upgrade.
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