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2 kits of CMX6GX3M3A1600C9 with Asus P6X58D Premium (10gb out of 12gb issue)


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Hi, i'm new in the forum. My problem is sometimes coldboot runs only 10gb than 12gb. And sometimes, when it's runnings with 12gb get BSOD.


I read the others posts with the correlated issues, and I tried do everything suggested.


First searched for bended pins (All OK)

Second tested with stock cooleer (Same problem)

Third Adjust automatic voltages (Same problem)

Four Adjust manually voltages (9-9-9-24-2N) QPI 1.35v Dram 1.65v. (Same problem)

Five tested with Memtest 4.1 Stick by stick and all togheter aprox. 5hrs (No erros listed)


So i turn on system, and all runs well!

I was confused. Yesterday, I had the same problems. Again runs another test with Memtest and the software tells me that have 10Gb of ram and after 2 passes of testing, it shows me 248 erros. Most with 6880Gb "address" (I don't know how describe this word).


Anyone here please, could explain if that have a way to know which stick or slot is bad with the results of the Memtest?


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Sorry i forgot mention that when i configure manually it runs at 1066Mhz


The only part that i don't understand is:


sort of combination of 3+4 above where memory modules like particular memory dimm slots - could come down to PCB differences for each module along with voltages for QPI/DRAM and VDIMM.


Please, cold u explain for me? Thanx (3+4 means?)


Edit: Sorry I just understand, i'm test more today and tell you what happens. Thanx Yellowbeard.

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Could you please try the troubleshooting steps there in that thread? Most likely you need a bit of extra memory controller voltage due to the load of 4 modules. However, it's impossible to diagnose and pointless to speculate until after you have done some troubleshooting.


1.35v QPI may not be enough. Try a bit more up to 1.45v - 1.5v.

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