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Can't use my mic HS1 (too high sensibility)


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Can't we disable this mic-boost that make a constant sound ? and prevent me to use my mic, because of my friends hearing the constant "back sound".

They even can here my mouse clicks


I uninstalled drivers, reinstalled it, switched the usb port, adjusted the volume... nothing


I think the mic-boost is passively active with the HS1 and we can't do anything :[pouts:


Check my sound test

Sound test.zip

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I have the same problem, I've been searching for a "boost mic" function that I can disable, but I can't find it.. When I just let my mic record without talking there's a buzzing background noise, it's too sensitive like the op says. Unless this can be fixed in some way I'll have to return these, people on ventrilo are complaining about me.
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