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Found 22 results

  1. Received the headset a couple days ago and set it up today only to be bummed about it having a constant annoying noise. Tried a couple of things already such as power plan, soft resetting and uninstalling drivers and reinstalling them. Can anyone help me out, most likely will be returning them but I hate to have another pair which does the same. Thanks
  2. Bonjour, j'ai acheté un casque HS70 BLUETOOTH "Gaming" enfin soit disant gaming car le casque à un bon son mais dès que je joue à un jeu ou utilise une appli qui utilise le micro le son est catastrophique, donc un casque gaming Bluetooth ou l'on ne peut pas faire du gaming Bluetooth ! de plus aucun dongle USB dans la boite je me retrouve à avoir payer pour un casque gaming Bluetooth et devoir jouer branché en filaire pour avoir un son propre. Avez vous une solution ?
  3. As the title suggests when ever i have ICUE downloaded it makes it so that my mouse jumps around when i move it. it also makes my sound stutter for some reason. Is there anything i can do to stop from happening with ICUE installed?
  4. Hello every one, can someone help me. so i just buy the HS35 Stereo and when i test the headset on the store nothing special happen. but when i came home and try to use it in a discord call the mic can pick up every sound that the headset blast. first i was stunted and calm my self down. so after that because i stream i tried the mic on obs and funny enough the mic still picking up everything. so can someone help/explain it to me thanks
  5. I have had awful issues with this headset since I bought it and now I don't know what to do Context: Was playing on my PC when all my sound vanished, despite my input and output recognizing the headset and my audio being way up on everything, nothing works. iCUE constantly now marks it as unavailable, pairing doesn't work and takes hours for it to just stop. The dongle / usb constantly flashes red and then goes off after a while, then on the off chance it goes white the sound is still broken and isn't "focused" if that makes sense, the sound is there, but shooting guns ingame will make my eardrums burst. I have done literally anything in the books, repairing software, restarts, reinstall, recharging, pairing, etc. I have done everything I possibly could have and nothing has worked and I've received no help from Corsair about this issue. I have done everything. At this point I have no idea what to do. Any and all help is appreciated.
  6. Hello, I recently purchased a Virtuoso headset to match the rest of my Corsair equipment (that I have never had an issue with). However, I am having an extremely distracting issue with the headset. When giving iCUE control over the headset, it seems to enforce its own kind of loudness equalisation, making listening to music or anything with dynamic volume levels very irritating as it continuously fluctuates. I have tried both Stereo and 7.1 Surround modes and Auto Audio Repositioning but nothing makes the issue go away. Now I have no choice but to use Windows Spatial Sound with a third party EQ software and sacrifice the 7.1 Surround support, which is incredibly frustrating as it is a primary reason I purchased this headset. Thanks, I hope there can be a fix for this in future, Jack
  7. When I got record a video on OBS or livestream through discord. The sounds are bassed. But I dont hear that way. Is anyone had issues like this before? https://streamable.com/myhbkx Headset: Void Elite Wireless ROM: v0.08
  8. Hello! First time poster, long time Corsair fan. Don't know if this is the right place for my question, but since it's about a PSU. It's not necessarily an RMA thread, just a question from a new owner. Recently I purchased a new PSU, the RM650x. It's my first time with a PSU that only activates it's fan when the load increases. Never thought it'd make such a big difference in the noise! Really enjoying it so far. However, every time the fan turns on or shuts down, it makes this noise I'm attaching as an external Google Drive link. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-le79cmgdBVS3Ga1X9H1iPm53HfO_chq/view?usp=drivesdk Is this noise normal, or should I be concerned? I'm not talking about the clicking noise, of course, it's the weird buzzing electrical like sound I'm talking about. I never owned a PSU with this kind of function, so that's why I'm worried if this isn't some sort of short circuit happening or if my power cable is faulty. Thanks!
  9. So the other day i put on my headset and everything seemed normal until i figured out the audio was only going out of the left side. sometimes when i angle the ehadset in a weird way or tap the right side, it goes into that side for a bit. ive turned off mono audio and it still doesnt work. Please, if you can help, write the answer in the comments or something. also please tell me a step by step guide of how to do it. ty oh also im using the corsair void elite wireless. the black one.
  10. Hello all, I hope you are safe during these strange days! I have a RM750x in my Dell XPS 8930. For as long as I've had it (several months now) it makes a strange sound. It's almost as if the fan is trying to kick on but it doesn't. My computer appears to be working fine but this sound bothers me. I've uploaded it to the link below so you can hear it yourself. Any thoughts on what this might be? https://sndup.net/89x5
  11. Hi! I've owned the Void Pro RGD Wireless headphones for about 1 - 2 years now, and I've recently had problems around a month ago. Sometimes out of the blue (and I'm going to try to explain this the best I can), the audio on everything completely stops and every few seconds it cuts back for half a second then cuts up completely. The only way I know how to fix this for a bit is turn off the headphones and then turn them back on. This can fix it for about a few seconds to a couple of hours. Please help me, ill appreciate anything that helps!
  12. With no apparent reason or rhyme, my sound just stops working sometimes. Rebooting ALWAYS fixes it, but for the life of me I can't figure out what causes this. Anyone?
  13. With no apparent reason or rhyme, my sound just stops working sometimes. Rebooting ALWAYS fixes it, but for the life of me I can't figure out what causes this. Anyone? Edit: I certainly posted this in the wrong section but don't know how to delete it.
  14. I have very low volume when i'm watching youtube. I use the corsair void pro. Can anyone help me?
  15. Hey everyone, hows it going. Hope this is the right place to post, havent posted stuff here yet so im not too certain. As the title says, i updatet my iCUE and headset software a few hours ago and comming back now, my headset is almost dead. Theres no sounds to replay, not even the "Mic on/Mic off" sounds, just the beeps for turning on or off. Now, after restarting a few times hasnt dont the trick at all, id like to ask you if any of you ever encountered this problem and if so, how you solved it. YT tutorials are pretty hard to watch without the sound! Cheers and Thanks in advance Meddus Edit: Watching the YouTube tutorials on my phone with sound didnt solve much as everything ive tried so far didnt help. Searching for manuals didnt help either, as most focus arround some sort of dongle that i never had (just a USB). Edit 2: Solved. For you future peeps that run into this problem: Take out the USB. Restart the pc. Put a paper clip inside the USB until it flickers white fast. Push the On/Off button on your headset for 10-15s (dw if it turns on or off in between) and after some time it should say link established. Reconnecting the entire thing solved the problem for me!
  16. The surround sound, after the newest windows update, stopped working. At first I had no audio at all. I updated iCUE to the newest version, which fixed my audio. But then, my surround sound had stopped working. Any ideas? I am using Wireless Void Pros.
  17. I bought this new headset and it was perfectly working before i installed the ICUE software. After that i still can talk with the microphone but i dont have sound anymore. The headset is correctly pick up on windows. When i choose my laptop speakers if the headset is plugged in or not, they work. But when i choose the Corsair all is quiet i cant still hear the 3 bip when i plug it in. I tried to launch a music but windows dont see any audio device. You can see it on the pictures (in French)
  18. I have a new/factory refurbished K70 RGB MK.2 with Cherry MX Silver switches. All the normal keys sound wonderful but the stabilizers are all loose and rattle a lot. It doesn't affect the performance of the keyboard but the keys with stabilizers sound cheap and annoying. Since the spacebar is my most commonly used button when I'm typing, the whole thing sounds like a cheap no-name keyboard. Not what I was expecting for something with an MSRP of $170. Can someone watch this video and tell me if the sound is normal? I can upload a video of me just pressing the spacebar over and over if it isn't clear enough. A $170 keyboard shouldn't sound like that. Or is it just gamer BS? [ame] [/ame] PS I love my system specs in my user profile. I made this account a long time ago. I'm keeping my "sig rig" even though I passed it on to my dad a long time ago.
  19. Hallo, ich habe mir das Corsair Void Pro gekauft. Der Sound war super, bis ich die Icue Software installiert habe. Sobald ich meinen PC neu gestartet habe, ist der Sound so abgehackt und verzerrt. Ich habe bereits in den Icue Einstellungen geguckt, doch leider nichts gefunden. Kann mir jemand helfen, wie ich das Problem beheben kann? LG., Freshy_2019
  20. Megatera5


    Hello, I have been using this headset just fine for about a year or so and then yesterday I had ran into a problem. The CPU on WAGDI (Windows Audio Graph Device Isolation) has spiked causing whatever game I am playing to crash. I clicked on sounds and it said "Audio Enhancements for Corsair Void RGB Wireless have been disabled due to a problem with them" and then after this happened I am not able to enable them back. I have tried re-installing the drivers, I updated from CUE1 to iCue and it still isnt fixing. My concern is that if I do end up figuring out a way to enable the enhancements again that I will be unable to play games. But I just need help with being able to turn on enhancements so thank you in advance for help.
  21. Hi guys. One week ago I bought the Corsair K70 LUX with MX Blue switches. I think everything is fine except a spacebar. The problem is when I press the spacebar harder, it makes "knocking" sound. Other bigger keys like ctrl or shift makes it too, but much quieter. I doubt that this is a switch falut, rather something hits the key when it's pressed deeper. Can you tell me is this normal? Thanks for any help. audio.zip
  22. Hello, while trying to make my system more silent, I noticed most noise is coming from my PSU. I removed the PSU from the case to be sure and it was (and is) audible with Headphones on, louder than my Case- and CPU fans (on low load). It is not a typical fan noise, it is about 10-50 Hz (rough guess) and it instantly stops when the PC (PSU) powers of while the fan still spins a few seconds. Do you know where is comes from and if I can do anything about it? The PSU is less than a year old. I can try to make a video of it of that helps. Stefan
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