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PSU, power fluctuations and reboots


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I had build my pc 5 months back and it was working fine. Since last 15 days my pc is rebooting frequently. It restarts even when it is idle or in the bios. No BSOD till date. Logs gives error 41 which is for power cut off.

i have tried to stripe down the reasons and found no problems in any other pc components...

Last thing which remains is PSU (Corsair CX400). Could power fluctuations cause these restarts?? :confused:

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  • Corsair Employee

I would run memtest.org to make sure that there are no memory errors which could be causing the restarts. If possible I would also test the PSU in a different system to make sure that the problems follow the PSU. If it looks like replacing the PSU may help resolve the problems then we can definitely give that a try.


Request an RMA

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