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PSU Voltages too high?


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Hello everyone, I have been having video card problems for the past 2 months now. My 1st card lasted about 6 months. When it started acting up I had it RMAed for a new one.


The new card (my 2nd) lasted about a day and a half before showing problems that the 1st card was having. I RMAed this card for yet another new one.


The new card (my 3rd) lasted about 3 weeks before yet again having the same problem as the first two. Again I RMAed the card although I have not received it yet.


Now someone suggested that I take a look at my PSU (Corsair TX750W) for any problems. I tried everything else that I could think of besides changing out motherboards.


Now, these are the voltages I am getting out of the PSU:

12 Volt Rail: 12.89V to 13.10V

5 Volt Rail: 5.84V to 6.01V

3.3 Volt Rail: 4.18V to 4.30V


These Voltages seem high to me so I guess what I am asking is, are these Voltages ok, and if not, is it possible that the PSU is frying my video cards?


Thanks to anyone who tries to help me!!

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