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A50 + Gigabyte Ep45-UD3L + Dominator Memory


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Hi there, Have a few questions. I am currently thinking about getting either an A50 or an A70 cooler. Problem is that I have 6 gigs of Dominator memory. I am currently wondering if i would get either cooler, would i have a problem with it overhanging on the first memory slot of my motherboard. I currently have an arctic cooler freezer 7 pro, and I cant use all 6 gigs cause of the fan overhanging on the first memory slot.


so.. to get to the point.


1. A50 or A70, will either of them overhang above the first memory slot?

2. Could I turn either of them sideways (having fan suck towards top of case, or push from bottom) would the side overhang.


any other suggestions?

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