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GS800 Shutting Off


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I recently built a new computer (~2-3 months ago) and just recently (a couple weeks ago) my computer has been randomly shutting off. Sometimes it does it a few minutes after I start my computer up and sometimes it does it after 2 hours of idling or playing games. Every time I have to switch off the power supply for an hour or so before it'll power back on.


I have tested my RAM and both sticks are fine. I've checked all my motherboard connections (although 2 SYSFANs are not being read, all fans are spinning, though) and they're all fine.

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I just did that little paper clip test, first with only one fan, and then with two, and nothing happened so it seems that my PSU is dead :/ . Looking past the fan in it I can see that there's some white goo stuff. I don't know if that's supposed to be there or not.


And the GS800 isn't on the list of PSUs on that RMA page.


Edit: Here's a couple pictures of the white goo stuff I'm talking about:




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