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AX750 and APC UPS


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i just want to know whether this is normal or not


when i plug to UPS and it running with power line its normal

but when the power switched to UPS (Battery power on)


i heard loud buzzing even if the PSU off (the switch is off / not standby)

when the PSU on (standby) the buzzing still there but not as loud as when it off


the APC UPS is the stepped sinewave one


is that normal ?

please help

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thanks for the reply sir

glad its not an issue!


can i ask one more things, sorry if i sound to paranoid

Every time i shutdown my pc (on standby) i can hear little buzzing, its barely though (its only become noisy if i put my hear next to the psu)

i am thinking that maybe because the mobo still using some power on standy mode


but what make me curious is, i didn't hear that voice when i plug the psu and turn on the psu (standy mode) and the buzz only came after shutdown

it will go away if i turn off the psu

can i get explanation for that please?


i am sure nothing wrong with the psu, but i just curious

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