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Think my TX750 may be faulty?


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Hi guys, I built a new machine last Wednesday and up until last night everything was working fine.


I was browsing the internet yesterday when my machine turned itself off, so I turned it back on and everything was normal for the next 20 minutes when it turned itself off again.


I tried to turn it back on again but nothing booted up. Theres power going to the motherboard as the onboard power switch is lit up, the case lights and fans are spinning, the CPU fan is spinning but thats about it. The MemOK light on the motherboard is flashing constantly too, my optical drive light flashes fast or slow constantly but doesnt open and theres no sound coming from my HDD. I dont think any power is going to the GPU as my monitor isnt flickering on like anything is being sent to it.


Its a strange one for me as ive never come across this problem before.

Any idea's as to what may be causing it? Its giving me a bit of a headache :confused:




EDIT: Ive solved this now, turns out its a fault with the PSU, i just put a spare one in and its working normal now, wierd. Looks like ill be getting it replaced.

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