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F60 Hardware AES Encryption


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I am sorry but no we have not enabled that feature of the Sandforce controller. But you can use TrueCrypt if you like but I would not suggest doing that to your Boot drive.


Could you tell me why you didn't enable that feature. Especially since the usage of TrueCrypt in combination with this SSD doesn't provide good performance.


Is it intended to enable that feature for the future?

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Why not use the free(with enterprise, ultimate, or server 2008) 256 bit AES encryption that's integrated into windows7/vista? Bitlocker has worked flawlessly for me with the Force, Nova, and Reactor series of SSD's which have used multiple configurations including entire disk encryption of OS boot drive(no, I don't have a TPM but this can still be used if you enable it in an elevated command prompt window via 'manage -bde' or something along those lines(forget exactly what it was now). Still benchmarked very close to rated speeds when used on OS drives and there was virtually no noticeable difference in the performance of the SSD's I used as secondary data drives.

Anyway, I know that's not really an answer to your question but it's something you may want to consider.

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I do not know of any SSD manufacturer using the Sandforce controller who has that feature enabled at this time.


If the SSD is "SANDFORCE DRIVEN" must have the features enables like ********

I think SandForce not know of this serious lack.





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