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here we go again with bad stick of ram (ram guy read please)

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well i am at that crossroad again, i have had yet another set of ram have a stick die on me, in may of this year (at least i think it was may) i purchased a set of twin 2x4096-6400C4DHX ram (4 gig kit) and one of the sticks has failed me running at recommended settings for 800 MHz :sigh!:.


unfortunately i cant be without my system so i have been running it with only the one stick that still works but tonight i submitted for an rma.


my issue is i CANT be without my system because i use it for running a couple of forums i have, keeping track of my VA appointments, keeping track of my bills, etc.


this is the third time i have had a stick of ram fail running manufacturers specs, system will NOT boot with the faulty stick and as far as memtest goes it fails miserably with the faulty stick (as in wont even run without erroring out).


i would like to request ram guy contact me to see if i can get free cross shipping since this is the THIRD time i have had a set lose a stick, and the fact i cannot be without my system AT ALL. i have had to deal with running only 2 of my 4 gig kit due to the failure and not being able to be without my system, and quite honestly and frankly this has already gotten old paying this much for ram only to have it faile within 6 months to a year.


so ram guy when you see this get ahold of me via e-mail, or pm asap, thanks.

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i contacted them already, thanks though. i have already checked out my mobo and cpu and have determined them to be not at fault and i cannot figure out what ti is causing it i am even using the dominator airflow fan so i doubt heat is the issue either (which it shouldnt be running 800 Mhz 4-4-4-12-2T timings at 2.1v)
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