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Blue LED light always on


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I searched the forum and didn't find an answer for this condition.


Recently bought the Flash Voyager FLASH 16G|COR FLDRV CMFUSB2.0-16GB from Newegg.


Light flashes/blinks, but never goes out. I uninstalled and reinstalled with no change.


I have another exact same drive I've been using in a Gateway ML3109 with Vista Home Basic and a Dell Inspiron 910 with Windows XP Home Edition with no problems.


Is the light staying on a problem? :confused:

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I have three and two is doing the same thing, LED is always ON. The first one I got works normal.


Is this really a fault?


Just received the replacement...


and the LED stills stays on.


Device Manager says it's working properly.


Dowloaded a pdf file and read if off the thumbdrive.


Is it a fault, did a supplier change sub-components, are they being assembled under a different spec?


Not really excited about sending it back again. I bought it on special from newegg, didn't really need one but the price was right and free shipping... :roll:


Shouldn't have to keep sending them back.

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I've just received a NEW corsair GTR 32gb replacement for my other 32gb stick that went to silicon heaven ( where all the calculators go ),


This is my second GTR stick which has stopped, the previous series was fine, almost indestructible.


I thank Corsair for there replacement pollicy as it's nice to see a company trying to support there customers, Which is why I've stayed with them in the past.


Unfortunatly I no longer feel safe using Corsair products, I'm worried if I use one of these sticks for something important I'll loose everything.


My question is, what is corsair doing to solve this growing problem.

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I would suggest contacting our customer service and they will be able to check that for you.




"It" came back X-mas eve...


Third (3) drive, 2nd "replacement" - NO CHANGE :!:


I see absolutely NO CHANGE. It will enable the ReadyBoost, save a file & read from the drive,


BUTT the blue LED light STAYS ON and the computer will not boot with the drive installed :!:


Definitely NOT PLUG-N-PLAY :roll:


I'm not feeling customer "service". Tell me what I'm doing wrong, if I am. Help me. Tell me what was wrong with the product returned AND tell me why the replacement is gonna work.


Just sending me a new, in the package, product and letting me "test" it again is NOT WORKING.


It's not about sealed & untouched packaging to me, but about you returning a product that has been tested/checked and "We" know is going to work when I install it.

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What exactly are you trying to do with it?

You original post was about the LED. Now you stated :confused: you cannot use it for Ready Boost?


NO, if you read again, I did not say that. "It will enable the ReadyBoost..."


NOTHING HAS CHANGED from my original post.

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Is the drive functioning properly other then the LED is working differently then the older drive?


I think not.


My first drive, identical & bought Dec '09/Jan '10, has worked flawlessly.


The more recent ones that I've had a problem with interfere with the computer boot up. I shouldn't have to remove, & replace the drive after boot up.


I guess I have to get in touch with John K. He called me 11/11/10. As I recall he mentioned they had identified some kind of problem and it would be corrected.

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