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Video Cards Artifacting With TX750W


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I posted when I first got my PSU almost a year ago about it being noisy. The problem ended up going away on its own after a few months. But about 7 months ago my computer started acting up. I was getting random BSODs never getting the same BSOD error twice. I started tracking the BSOD codes most them relate to memory problems Video and System RAM. I ran Memtest for 24 hours 0 errors. I ran some tools on my Video card said it wasn't having any problems. But the Thing was my Video started getting corrupted on my screen no matter what monitor I hooked up. So I RMAed my Video card. They ran some test on it and it came back Zero_Faults. So unsure I bought new RAM yet my video problem still persist. Seeming like it had to be the video card with the artifacts on the screen I went ahead and ordered a new one. When it came in I still have the problem? Now I'm totally lost. I recently Bought a cheap 600w PSU from newegg and it all stopped. How can my PSU cause this problem and what is the fix?


I have more details on what different problems I had with other video cards. They seem slightly different between the ones I have in the system.


Here is a video of what my screen looks like at its worse when I'm running my TX750W. The Video was made when I was still thinking it was a failing video card so ignore it say bad DVI port (^-^)#;



Note* I have had the system tell me once that my Video card didn't have Power with them firmly connected to the card but it went away after reboot.

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