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AX1200 turbine


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I got AX1200 too yesterday, and it works, no buzzing noise issue here, but heck, the fan is like airplane turbine! When i start the PSU using wires, with ambient temp 23°C, its looks like running on full rpm, and it makes much more noise then my old Xilence 600W at near of capacity. I would not care if the PSU fan will spin up when temp goes up under heavy load, but right now my setup takes only fragment of its capacity on full load, and almost nothing at idle. I even tried to stick a piece of cloth into fan to force it stop, and when its outside case, i got him after 1h of playing at 30°C.. so WHY it spins its fan like mad? if it would run at 600rpm with low temperatures, it would be cool&quiet, with no reduced lifetime :(

Is there a way there can be faulty sensor, or is there a way to force it go on lower rpm? I dont wanna open brand new (and expensive) PSU just to put thermistor before fan..


Also, funny thing (which makes me think it really runs on highest rpm): Normally, the motor of fan makes quiet noise itself (not just airflow), but when i cover about third of intake, its much qieter (only air makes noise).


So no i can't decide, return this psu or not? It would be shame, i waited a long time to store get it for me (for some reason it wasn't available in CZE), and its other characteristics are awesome..


Important note: I have WaterCooled system, so the only other noise comes for low-rpm fans in case and radiator, but those i can't hear till i put head next to them... So its definitelty PSU (and as mentioned at beginning, i tried it alone too).


Second note: I'm planning system upgrade, thats why so strong psu..

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We would like to recover your PSU and take a look at it. What you are describing should not be happening. Please use the link on the left of this page to Request an RMA. In the narrative, link this thread and note that "Yellowbeard" has authorized an FA-RMA for you. Once you have an RMA or TSX case number, please post it here so that I can update your case with the needed details.
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so i'm back again, with some real data this time. I have happily some old gear for measuring sound levels (its probably more accurate than a lot of modern end-user devices :) ).


I used some cloth to stop the fan from spinning, to measure PC background noise. All values with running PC measured at BIOS (=no load). The PSU was laying just on the floor with fan up (not in the case). Microphone was about 1m away.


Ambient (PC off): 18 dBA (yes, i have very quiet room in the evening)

PC running, PSU fan off: 26 dBA (and i can lower it even bit more)

PC running: 33 dBA

PSU alone: 33dBA (suprisingly)


For comparsion, my old Xilence 600W at same situation (running alone) produced only 22 dBA (it is much louder with some load, but my problem is idle state).


Ambient temperature was 24°C.


So now, please tell me, whether are these normal levels?

(I'm simply not willing to take it as "ultra-quiet fan" when its over 30dBA at idle. Maybe i'm oversensitive.)


Thank you for your help

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I have just installed AX1200 to my system and it seems to have meny rounds in it on "idel" (its not turpine, but loudest fan in my case), with 150W power from wall. (by power meter)



1 Piece; 24pin ATX for MB

1 Piece; 8pin EPS for CPU

1 Piece; 8pin PCI-E for 5970

1 Piece; 6pin PCI-E for 5970

1 Piece; Molex 1; to water pumb 2: to funs.

1 Piece; SATA 1; DVD player 2 and 3; 60gb Force SSD.


Fan of PSU is faceing down now, but i try in someday it to face up. Thing is that it blows cold air to back and my water radiators are out said of case! So my MB/case is ~30C* on idel.

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so i'm back, i got new piece from my retailer last week. Sadly, while its a bit better, its still far under my expectations - its more louder without load than my old one on full load. My current temperatures:

CPU: 31°C

Chipset: 44°C

GPU: 36°C

And if i stick thermometer for a while behind PSU, it shows something under 30°C (values after several hours of uptime), so no real reason to be loud (note: it makes same noise no matter whether it is 20 or 35). Maybe its now how it is should be...


Any ideas? I'm sad, i'm stuck with water-cooled ultra-quiet system and "roaring" psu (a bit exaggerated, but when i compare it to state without its fan running...) I'm getting close to point when i open it and put there Noctua fan with rpm regulation - warranty or not.


PS: Reason i went with my retailer in the end was quite expensive postage from CZE to the Netherlands (over 10% of PSU price)

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