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Cold boot leads to reboot, fan noise


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I'm having an issue that I haven't quite isolated yet. When I boot my system it intermittently will fail in the first 1-4 seconds. The hard drives will spin, fans and lights come on, and then everything shuts off. My system will then try to boot again. Sometimes it takes two tries, tonight it took six tries. Mind you, this is intermittent, maybe 1/3rd of boots it has the issue. The other 2/3rds it boots fine on the first try.


A couple of details: I have upgraded the motherboard to the newest firmware. I get no errors after it boots (trouble with the boot or not) and have no errors once the system is up and running. Everything is run at stock except for memory which I run at 1333MHz. The noise that happens sounds like a dying fan, but usually subsides within 10 seconds of the boot and runs quiet from then on. I have isolated the fan noise to the PSU and not one of the several other fans in the system (six case fans, CPU fan, GPU fan). All parts purchased 3/3/2010. Only other system issue has been the CD/DVD/Blu-ray drive due to read issues and seems completely unrelated.

My question is whether the issue is my CPU, MoBo or PSU (my best guesses). This system is stable on Prime95 for 12 hours, as it should be for running stock.


Thank you in advance,



EDIT: forgot to mention running a Corsair HX750

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I would suspect that there is a bad cap on either the board or the PSU. The only way to isolate it would be to test them in a different system and see if the problems follow the PSU/motherboard, or if they stay with the system. If it looks like there is a good chance that the PSU could be causing the problems then lets get it replaced!


Request an RMA

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