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VX550 enough for GTX460?


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First post, so hello :D:


Recently purchased a GTX 460 to replace an ATI 4830 which resides in another PC. Everything was ok until I ran Kombuster to test for stability, it freezes after a second or so most of the time. It did run a couple of times for much longer but when player MW2 after about 30sec a high pitched sound was heard and it froze requiring hard reboot.


Having to keep doing this is messing with windows now (get Active Desktop recovery [white background] and don't want the whole thing dying on me.


I never had a problem with 4830 which used only 1 power connector and think that perhaps the psu may have a load issue? Or could it be the GPU at fault?


I have noticed the odd freeze up when powering pc on for first time of the day before gpu replaced (using either windows or linux on same hardware) so strongly suspect psu or perhaps motherboard and sometimes a 'clunk' from case (like when system is shutting down). Prob due an upgrade as GPU exceeds rest of system but any help on this much appreciated.


Voltages from BIOS are:


  • VCore = +1.44V
  • +3.3V = +3.36V
  • +5V = +5.13V
  • +12V = +12.281V



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  • Corsair Employee
The PSU has plenty of power for your system. If the system operated without any issues before the graphics card upgrade then there is likely either an issue with the graphics drivers or the new card itself.
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