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VX450W RMA twice - sound buzzing issue persists


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Hi all,


I have a VX450W. The sound was getting louder, so I got an RMA. I 15 minutes away from Fremont, so I was able to pick up/drop off the RMA instantly.


The problem was the new one has this sickening buzzing issue. It sounded like the fan is frinding something, but moving the PSU on its back, side etc wouldn't change the sound. But changing the voltage did.


My system uses about 100W idle and 150W (input) for games.


I know it is the PSU making the sound because I have the PSU power plug. And short the green and black wire to move the fan. The buzzing persists only when the PSU is on, even by itself.


So I RMA it again... and the 2nd one still happens.


I really don't know what to do, and I driven to Fremont twice already. :[pouts:


I also notice Fry's stop selling this particular Model too.


Are there any suggestions?




Edit: So I tried a few more things. I tried plugging in the power cord to motherboard only and shorting the power switch to turn it on (woo learn something new with the power of the paper clip). The buzz... wasn't there!!!


So I plugged in one SATA Hard Drive..and it came back. I turn off, took it out.. and buzz was gone.


I plug in the PCI-E cable to my video card, buzz came back.


I turn off everything, and plug in one sata drive + PCIE + motherboard cable...buzz still there.


I then tried to put as much as I could, 3 sata hard drive, 1 sata dvdrw, pcie, motherboard...buzz :(


I tried to see if there was any co-relation with Wattage input, but motherboard takes about 50W, there was no buzz.


I tried 1 Hard Drive takes only 15W or less, and that buzz ONLY when it is seeking. It is silent when Hard Drive is idle.


Hopefully I can try something that can "cure" the buzz / coil whine / sound.


Edit: #2


I tried some other suggestions I found such as turning some BIOS Settings like CIE/EIST. Those didn't work. I also tried turning of a Thermal Control and Visualization also. Buzz still persists. Though when WIndows XP is shutting down, buzz does not happen. So it has to be a specific thing...


Edit 3: I found something... Well someone else did.



Edit - For now I've solved it by running Folding while surfing etc; but I shouldn't have to max my cpu to get rid of the noise...


I'm running Prime95 to max my CPU...and the buzz is gone. (150W Input)

If I stop Prime95 (109W with a bunch of stuff still connected) buzz continues...


Last Edit for tonight: I decided to run http://folding.stanford.edu/ so that CPU would be running something useful. CPU is about 51% (Intel E8400) and buzz seems to be mostly gone.

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I tried different outlets and it (450w) still buzzes.


I realize my old system uses a Corsair 400w, and that doesn't buzzes.


I moved the 450w to the old system (only needs 20-pin and a Molex), and it buzzes constantly from the start. The old system uses 90w at surge and idles around 80-85w. So it uses less power than my new system.


There seems to be a correlation between the 450w buzzing at low wattage input.

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