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HX850 in P183 case - mount with PSU fan on top or on bottom of PSU?


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I noticed that the HX850 appears to be designed so it can be mounted with the fan pointing up or down in the case. I have a P183, which puts the PSU in an isolated bottom chamber. It "looks" like it's designed to have the PSU's fan on the bottom since there is a short "standoff" that raises the unit off the bottom of the case. There is also a line of holes along the bottom edge of the back of the case that look like they would give the fan in this configuration access to air from the rear of the unit.


However, there is more room above the PSU than below (1.5 inches vs about .75 inches on the bottom), so I'm wondering if it would work better with the fan mounted on the top instead.


Another consideration, on the other hand, is that with the fan mounted on the bottom, excess cabling could be put in the space above the unit, placing out of the way of the air flow.


My instinct is to mount it with the fan on the bottom (which would make the text on the back of the unit right side up) but I'm curious what other people do in this situation, particularly people who might be using the P183 case.





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I usually prefer installing the unit with the fan facing down, so that you get a little extra slack on the fixed cables. As far as compatibility and performance are concerned, your results should be the same whether the fan is on top or bottom.
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