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HX520w Power Rail failure? Display shuts off when gaming


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Hi I think my Corsair HX520w has had a power rail failure, and would like your opinion and advice on it please.


The problem occurred last week when playing guild wars, my normal pc game of choice. The screen froze up and I was unable to move the mouse, tab between programs nor Ctrl Alt Del out.


I powered off at the base and left the pc for a while as I presumed the graphics card or something had overheated. On powering back up all looked and seemed fine firefox browser working ok etc but when I loaded my game back up the monitor screen would shut down again.


I've taken the pc to a friends house who is more technically minded than myself. He swapped out my graphics card for a spare Radion, after installing the drivers for it and loading up guild wars the same thing happened with screen shutting down (his monitor). He knows this card works ok as had tested it in a machine at his work in the week.


He said that in the past he had a similar thing happen with a psu where the rail powering the graphics card failed. The graphics card he uses in his machine is powered directly from the motherboard not a separate cable (I think it was a Nvidia eco 8800 or similar sounding) when we put this card into my pc guild wars fired up and worked ok again.


I bought the power unit December 2008 from Ebuyer, choosing to pay extra for a Corsair to avoid any future psu problems (had a fizzled Targan).


Do you think the HX520w is enough to cope with my system loads at the moment or should I have gone for the 620w?


Does what I described sounds like a power rail failure? I had presumed that a psu failure would just result in the pc not working at all.


There have been no bangs, fizzes or burn smells coming from the pc that I've been aware off.


Also if the unit proves to have failed will I have any postal charges refunded to me, as I live in the UK.


Thanks in advance for your answers.

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  • Corsair Employee

It is possible that the PSU could cause problems, but usually it would be more consistent and would not just occur within a particular game. If possible I would test the PSU in a different system and see if you can duplicate the same problems. If so then please Request an RMA. The HX520 looks like it should have plenty of power for your system, so I suspect that its unlikely that insufficient wattage is contributing to the problem.


With an RMA you would normally pay the shipping fees to us and we would pay the return shipping. You may be shipping to an EU address if you are located in the UK so hopefully it will not be too expensive. Once you receive the RMA number you can contact our customer service at 888-222-4346 and dial "0", (510) 657-8747 or email rmaservice@corsairmemory.com for more shipping and RMA information.

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It doesn't happen just in guild wars, it happens when I load up other games also and sometimes when I go into the nvidia control panel too.


I can view youtube videos ok, but any gaming attempt shuts it down.


The colours of my internet etc all seem to have reverted to a basic limited set - I'm presuming this has happened so the card draws less power than normal?


EDIT - The phone numbers you have given aren't working for me - I'm presuming they are internal American or something? Can you provide an international / Euro number I can dial from England.

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