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SSD Won't Post


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I have two V128GB2 SSD in two different Win 7 computers. One computer is x86 and the other is x64.


On both computers during initial power on in the morning the SSD will not allow the ASUS motherboards (two different models) to post. It takes me several tries and presses of the reset button to make the drivers post.


Is there a fix? New firmware? BIOS settings? Are the drives defective?


Both these drives worked for for a couple of months so this is a recent issue.


Please advise.


Thank you in advance,



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  • Corsair Employee

There is no issue that I am aware of with Nova drives but I would check the PSU and for the latest BIOS for the MB's.

You might try and image the drives to a spinning HDD and test it with a Normal HDD to see if the issue is still there.

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