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What is Difference between Dominator & XMS3


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Hello all -

I had 4GB Dominator (black heatsink), and just bought 8GB (silver) DHX (4 sticks same version). Both sets are 1.8V versions.

They all have the same model # (in the gigabyte ET6 system monitor) . Is it just the heat sink that is different, or are the chips better quality in the Dominator ?


I am aware that 2 sticks are better than 4, but 8GB in two sticks expensive here in Oz. The 4 sticks were couple of months old, but affordable.


I am using the RAM with a Phenom 2 965 (Black ed, 95W), Gigabyte MA 770T-UD3P in a CM690 with good air cooling.


What would be the best setup with each configuration (4GB & 8GB) ?

I currently have the timing set @ 1333 - auto voltage (= 1.6V). Cpu clocks are stock.


Thanks in advance....

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G'day Bearded One -

Slipped my mind - up late reading all I could find on topic.


Anyway - The Dominator is labeled - TW3X4G1600C9D - ver 9.1 (09391146 x 2)

The XMS3 - CM3X2G1600DHX - all 4 are ver 3.1 (09052050 x 2) (09032497 x 2)

But the label on the package is - TW3X4G1600DHX G

The packaging photo shows the correct heat sink (silver DHX)


Both lots have the same part number according to the computer (CM3X- etc) - all have 1600 / 9-9-9-24 specs.


I also said "timings" of 1333 instead of clock. The auto timings are currently


The max bandwidth is listed as 533 MHZ.

I gather that clock speed of 1600 would probably not be stable with 4 sticks, but as a gamer I think tighter timings @ 1333 may be better anyway.


So, just to clarify my questions:

1) Is there a difference between Dominator and XMS-DHX other than heatsinks ?

2) What would be the best BIOS setup to get the most out of my RAM for both of my RAM configurations (for gaming) ?


New question - Should I tweak up the fsb speed ? Currently @200 which = 400 yes ?


Thanks again.

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