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Need assistance in choosing correct wattage PSU for SLI


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I've gone through the PSU finder both here and at newegg and am unfortunately still unclear as to the correct wattage PSU I should purchase.


On this site it shows 750watts and above will be sufficient for my needs, where as newegg it shows 900watts. If someone could provide me with a little clarity it would be greatly appreciated. I know it would be a bad idea to try to run on an underpowered part.


For reference the parts I will be running will be:


Motherboard: Asus P6X58D-E LGA 1366

Case Fans: 3x200mm

USB: Up to 5 devices that draw power from USB socket.

CPU: Core i7-930

Heatsink: Corsair H-50

Memory: 3x2GB G.Skill 1600 DDR3

Harddrives: 2x750GB WD Black


Video: 2x EVGA GTX460 1GB in SLI



The calculation for the videocards is what is throwing me off. It seems every powersupply with a 500watt and up has SLI ready on it, though I know that wouldn't be enough.


From reviews it appears the peak draw of the tandem 460s is around 470 watts.



Now I have the 750HX currently that I could reuse from my past build, but would that have enough power? Should I move up to the 850HX or would going to the 1000HX be the recommended path?


I appreciate any help anyone could provide in this.

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  • Corsair Employee
Our PSU finder is designed to represent our PSUs only, Neweggs is not. The wattage of the unit is only one way to gauge the amount of power necessary, and our units are generally more powerful than their wattage rating would suggest. If our PSU finder recommends a PSU, we guarantee it will be sufficient for your system. Our HX750 would power your system without any problems, but this does not mean that we guarantee that every PSU manufacturers 750w unit would do the same job.
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