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Strange issue with P64 in raid 0

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Hi everybody!


I think I have a strange problem with my raid0 setup.

It consists of 2 P64 and I've partitioned it into one c: and one d: volume.

I have os on c: and programs/games on d:

Now, here's the thing. Whenever I connect or disconnect one of my other HDD:s or my optical drive,

the d: volume erases itself completely and becomes unformatted, resulting in me having to install everything except the os over and over again.


I'm using EasyCo MFT (not promoting!) on the d: volume and maybe that's the problem?

Hopefully there's a solution to this because the improvement using mft is something I don't want to be without.

Other than that I've got no clue as to why this problem occurs since my computer skills in the more technical department are somewhat limited.


Thankful for any help.


Btw, are the transer rates in the attached screenshot normal or sub-par for my configuration?


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