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H50 AMD bracket


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on the 3/17/2010 i ordered a AMD bracket ,it was in stock at the time ,

since then i have recieved a two AMD back plates and two lga 775 brackets together and a new intel bracket for the H50(775/1156/1366)one


at no time have i recieved a AMD bracket to go with the AMD back plate ,


i have rang corsire on there USA number,a few time,and got my local supplyer to get hold of some one from corsaire UK ,they have rang me and got some from the neverlands to ring me put nothing has come off it ,

it's like there giving me lip service and thats it ,

all at a cost to me too

can any one help sort this please


thx Banger

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  • Corsair Employees
Please email me with your contact information and the time zone you are in and when you can be in-front of these parts and we will call you and get that worked out. Please send an email to Ramguy@corsairmemory.com and put Att Ram Guy in the subject line, please be sure to include the country and or Country Code you are in.
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thanks Ram Guy,

late yesterday ,the netherlands team e-mailed me again ,saying the part should be with me later this week or early next week,

if its ok by you i will wait a little longer before passing details to you ,to see if this part turns up has it should do,

finger crossed its right this time


(names omited from emails )


Our apologies for the delay. The parts had to be shipped from the US to us. We have received them and will post them to you A.S.A.P. You can expect to have them this week or beginning of next week.


Have a nice day.

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