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Considering putting in a support for my video card


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So I just built my dream rig last week and I love it...with the 800D the system looks super clean. Besides the H50 cpu coolers rad/stock fan not fitting between my EVGA classified chipset heat sink and the back of the case unlike the video on the website clearly shows :confused: the build went super smooth. My only issue now is that I have a very lengthy and heavy video card (5970) which is at least 12.5" in length not sure about the weight. If you look at the picture below, sorry for bad quality photo my only camera is my iPhone, you can see that the card sits at a slight angle obviously because the card is only secured at one end. Just wondering if people just leave it like this or do something about it. I am guessing my issue may be more severe than most because I have such a huge card.


Anyways what I was think about doing was since the front of the card, the part facing down, lines right up with one of the holes on the mobo tray that you use to route the cables I was thinking about making some sort of L bracket that would basically mount to the backside of the mobo tray then extend thru the hole to support the video card. Not sure if this is a good enough description but in the end it would simply be a post that sticks out the hole so the right end of the video card would have something to rest on. Not only would this make the system look better but it would also alleviate any stress put on the PIC-E slot.


So I am just wondering if this is an issue for anyone else and maybe if anyone has addressed this issue and how they went about it. Thanks



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