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Memory issues


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First post and relative newb builder....built 3 systems and until now, no problems. I have an ASUS M4A79XTD EVO board with the AMD 925 Denab with 4 GB of BL2KIT25664TN1608 Ballistix Tracer Ram. I noticed with CPU-Z that my 1600 memory was only running at 1333 so I set the frequency to 1600 and the voltage to 1.66 (in this board you can't select exact voltage it's only in increments of .02) This worked for a short while and I started seeing problems. Crashes.....sometimes it would boot and crash right at login, other times it worked for 3-5 minutes and then gave a shrieking sound and crashed. When set to 1333, all is good.

I tried to run memtest but it seems to crash. W7 X64 memory tests say there was a problem (when running at 1600) but upon reboot, never gives me a report as it is suppose to and I can't see where it hides the report.

So, if RAM is bad, would it still run well at some speeds and not others? Anyone know more about settings of this motherboard? ASUS tells me I have made the correct settings and it should work.

Finally, a friend has the same MB and ram (different CPU) and his settings were done as I described with no problems.

Thanks for any help you can give me.

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Thanks Ramguy. Here's what I've done so far that may be working. I left everything set on auto but put in the proper timing of 8-8-8-24. It shows the ram at 1600 and has been stable for 30 hours.

Not sure why others with the same board and memory had no problems but as long as I'm using the memory I've paid for, I'm good.


Thanks for your reply.

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