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Flash Voyager GT 32GB without the word "GT" on stick


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I was hoping if someone can help me, i bought a new Flash Voyager GT 32GB from http://www.ebuyer.com


From the pictures seen on the internet it shows clearly it has the word "GT" but mine doesn't, the box and leads have all have GT markings but the USB doesnt :sigh!:


Is this still a legitimate GT USB stick?






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Yes, how do i check if its genuine, is there a way of checking?

Yes, please read what I posted before and answer that question, what are the numbers printed on the flash drive?

Are there any numbers or letters stamped in the USB Connector?
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Just surprised it doesn't say GT on it like the picture of the actual box :mad:, is this what corsair decide to do?


here are my results after formatting it



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