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Corsair List of recommended RAM type for MOBO?


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We are a major OEM & System Builder in Australia. I have contacted Corsair support but have not received a reply so I am trying the Forums!


We sell mainly Gigabyte & ASUS mainboads but also some MSI & EVGA.


Is there a chart of Mobo's that are;


A. Compatible with types of Corsair Memory?

B. Is there a performance chart or reference for particular RAM and which works best with a particular Chipset type?


Main reason is when reccomending clients types of Corsair Ram the options for sales people is confusing.

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Wot about performance? I understand that picking the highest Mhz on a module is not necessary the only feature for helping certain applications run faster.


I am interested in Proffessional apps such as Adobe, CAD etc.


Gamers are important too but not so much too me.

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