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Corsair HX620 vs HX650


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Hi to all,


I am using Corsair VX550W PSU for 2 years now and all I can say that IT ROCKS!

I've recently changed my chassis and since my PSU is now separated from the motherboard in the means of another chamber (******** P183), I have 3rd Hard drive in the same chamber and PSU. Since this is a mid tower and I don't have much space as in the big tower, I've decided to go with the modular PSU.


I was looking at the HX520W since I think it should be sufficient for my current setup, but not sure if it will be enough if I decided to upgrade my components.


I was looking at HX620W which is a bit too expensive for me, but then I've found out that HX650W is available and is even cheaper than HX620, at least here in Croatia, but I don't get why??? Is HX620W offering something more than HX650 to justify the bigger price?


Explanation and recommendations are highly appreciated.

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The HX650 was designed to replace the HX520 and the HX750 was meant to replace the HX620. The HX620/HX520 are now about 3-4 years old and we wanted to upgrade them with better efficiency, a longer warranty, and more power. I can not explain why your reseller is selling the HX620 for more than the HX650, but I suspect it has to do with the initial price they paid for the units.
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I just had an HX620W PSU die and get replaced via an RMA with an HX650W. According to what you wrote, it sounds like I was down-graded:(:


Can you please verify this?




LOL, no you were not downgraded. If your 1960s Porsche was RMAed and you got a 2010 BMW, you did not get a downgrade.

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