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24 PIN POWER PIN is Lacking one pin?


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I am a New Owner of the Corsair TX 750 PSU. I have closely inspected it during my assembly. I Notice the complete absence of the # 3 pin on the Right side of the Power connector if You Hold with Power Connect pins facing up pointing looking/facing up at you, The 4 pin removable part of this is at the top: Right side Counting down total of 5 pins including counting two of the four pin removable pin connectors, the Fifth Pin is O Completely Empty! While ONe of the neighboring pins has two red wires entering. I want to be clear of the explaination of the Orientation. I as suspect that this may be defective. But First wanted to ask other owners of Corsair PSU's Reason this caused me concern is that My M 4A 79 T Deluxe MB's connect fitting is labeled specifications as follows here below:


+ 3 volt 0 0 GND -- is this 2 of 4 pin?

+ 12 volt 0 0 + 5 volts -- 2 of 4 pin?

+ 12 volt 0 0 + 5 volts

+ 5 volt standby 0 0 + 5 volts

Power OK 0 COLOR="Red"]X[/color] + 5 volt no pin


+ 5 volts 0 0 GND

GND 0 X GND or no wire pin here if upside dwn

+5 volts 0 0 PSON #


+ 3 volts 0 0 - 12 volts -- is plus 4 pin on this

+ 3 volts o o + 3 volts -- end of pin out?


as confusing as this seems to explain it really is like " My Right Your Left sort of deal" Which way you are viewing the pin out. I just Want Someones Verification That I do Not believe that this pin is supposed to be Wireless or Not pinned! after all there should be all 24 pinned connections shouldn't there? And if this is the case Then I need some Direction help in the RMA process with CORSAIR because I have purchase this Corsair Product threw NewEgg just little over 30 day ago or so. I am very busy and have not had chance to jump right on and immediately complete my build. Though is done & Ready Now If this PSU is right & didn't miss a Quality control all the pins are not there; at least one of them doesn't seem to be! No I'm Not powering it up just to try Not worth risk of all my highen hardware. Thanks for your help in this matter!

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Looks Like the 2.0 version the great diagram you show on the left of your reply post. and Is appears that is where the N/C no connection one is and should be there. Althought the Diagram indicated By manual of ASUS M4A79 T Deluxe show the Power OK and indicates a + 5 volt pin just next to it on the opposite side. The way you show this appears is the norm> I was concerned as My M4A79T pin out pattern is as I have indicated in the original post. Appreciate your input response!
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