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X64 Disk DOA?


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I've just installed a new computer with band new parts, one of them being a Corsair Extreme 64GB. When I got done with the physical part of the install, I started up the computer, going into BIOS. I found out that my new SSD was not detected at all. I tried changing cables, both power and SATA-cable, while also changing slots on the motherboard.

I did actually manage to detect it after 15 minutes of pulling out cables and changing options in BIOS, but I turned off the computer right after that, because I was heading out for a little while. Now, when I got back, I can't get it to start again. Nothing seems to get it to work again. Is there a special option I need to activate? My ASUS motherboard has AMI BIOS, if that helps.

Thanks :)

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