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Restore a Backup image aligned to 1024


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Go here and peruse:




I have been using Terabyte for many years now; small, no bloat, fast, compatable, accurate, extremely good support, an active, very responsive newsgroup-details to subscribe on website.

Most important to the SSD forums is:

1) you can partition aligned to 1024 on any blank HDD from a floppy, CD/DVD-ROM/RW/R, USB stick boot device for any file system with BootIt NG! (all automated)

2) should you already have installed unaligned, back up the partition or drive with Image for DOS to any medium/interface, wipe the drive with Terabyte's Copy Wipe (Free) and restore aligned to 1024 (you can automate this alignment or specify CHS manually for the image restore) from within Image for DOS


I have just completed such a restore; was at 63, now am at 1024 on a P128G2D


I cannot say enough good things about Terabyte; download their manuals/trial software, have a look-see; simply unbelieveable power and control.:biggrin:


Their is a learning curve, but, the manuals are well written and fully detailed; any problems are solved immediately using their support infrastructure

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Look here for BootItNG (30-day trial):



Image for Windows (30-day trial):



Image for DOS (30-day trial):



Image for Linux (30-day trial):



CopyWipe (Free Drive Copy and Wiping Software)



TeraByte OS Deployment Tool Suite (Free for Personal Use)



"TBOSDT Professional is available to paying customers. The Professional version gives you everything in the standard version plus the powerful TBScript™ engine and extensions that allow you to provide interactivity, logic, and mathematics in your scripts."


...and to compare all their software each to the other..here:



There we go; like I said, spend some time there, look around, try it out; no need for GParted, Diskpar or Diskpart...etc. for most applications. I had an image snapshot done with Image for DOS. I ran wmi and it showed misaligned at sector 63; wiped the partition with CopyWipe, restored the image with Image for DOS checking the option to align, ran wmi again after reboot-aligned to sector 1024 on the P128 D2G


All their software works with all OS's right up to Win7RC and Windows 7 Enterprise (build 7600) and Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit RTM/RTW

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